Diwali: The Festival of Lights

Though each faith has its own specific narrative about the significance of light coming to quell the darkness, the essential spiritual significance is centered around cleansing the soul and restoring it to its original divine brilliance.

Diwali is the invocation of goddess Lakshmi, who brings the light of abundance into the homes and the lives into which she is invited. Symbolically, she signifies inner richness, peace, and contentment and a commitment to serving with benevolence as a bestower.  She is best known for wealth and prosperity, which is manifested in an eightfold form of abundance…which can be symbollized by eight luminaries.

May these luminaries come alive within you to illuminate the inner beauty, strength, and the bountiful reservoir of virtues embedded in the self—the soul.

We warmly invite you to a unique Diwali Celebration!

Sunday 15 October  |   5:00–6:30pm
Followed by World Meditation Hour (6:30-7:30pm)

Scarboro Community Hall
1727 14th Avenue SW
For more information: calgary@ca.brahmakumaris.org or 403-209-2988

Register online at bkcalgary.org

Offered free of charge as a community service.


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