Peace Halifax

Situations in our world, our community, and even our own homes, can leave us feeling
out of sorts. But three simple words can remind us of the power within each of us
to hit the reset button—whenever we choose.

#IAMPEACE. Join us at Peace Halifax, a festival of ideas, music and fun
set in an historic, beautiful space. Come experience the peace that’s inside of each one of us.

#IAMPEACE. Come enjoy a pause, an experience of reflection and rejuvenation, at Peace Halifax, a day-long festival offered  as a gift to the people of Halifax. Hosted by the Brahma Kumaris  Meditation Centre, Peace Halifax is about rediscovering the magic and practical expression of peace…and taking  it home with you.


Saturday September 22, 2018  •  9:00am – 5:00pm
Halifax Central Library
Peace Halifax is open to everyone and all events are completely free of charge


  • Free Speakers and Workshops: Offered every hour and open to everyone
  • Find Inner Peace: Learn to Meditate in 20 minutes, or try a free Hatha Yoga class
  • Self Reflection: Stop and take a breath with the Emergency Optimist
  • Family-Friendly Activities: Including storytime, jump rope, face painting, teddy bear picnic, and kids’ yoga
  • Hourly ‘Pocket Raves’: For those who love to sing and dance
  • FeelGood ArtSpace: Peace Sticks, Zen Garden and other meditative art projects
  • Grand Finale: A stunning and unforgettable wrap-up experience featuring You Gotta Sing choruse

For more information visit All Brahma Kumaris programs are offered free of charge.