Experience is the greatest authority.

Peace, love and happiness are only words until we experience them.

But once we have experienced them we know they are real. We want more. They make
life worth living.

Today most of us seek the experience of peace in quiet nature scenes or perhaps
a bath with candles or a good book to get away from a less-than-peaceful world.
We seek love from others in our relationships. Or we seek happiness in a new
outfit, holiday planning or a fun night out.

Experience is everything!

What if all you had to do was have the thought of peace and the experience of
peace flooded your mind? Wouldn’t that be great?

Meditation offers the possibility of experiencing peace, love or happiness while
sitting in the middle of a traffic jam or when the kids are yelling or you are
under the stress of a deadline. When I learn to master my mind I can choose the
experience I want when I want it.

Listen to one of these meditations that will guide you towards a sweet inner experience.