…of the spirit.

To explore spirituality is to explore the potential of the human spirit. Learning about the human spirit is learning about myself and the reservoir of qualities that make me (the spirit) move, strive, express and experience.

What  qualities lie hidden within me? Do I see myself clearly or do I see only a small fraction of who I really am? The eyes can only see the physical form. Meditation is the journey inwards to discover myself – the human spirit.

The journey of self-discovery begins with the choice to look within. Meditation is the method. Raja Yoga meditation uses the energy of thoughts to explore inner qualities and create the experience we are longing for – peace, love, happiness.

Taking time to meditate at the start and finish of the day helps build a reservoir of positive energy needed to navigate through daily challenges in the world. Meditation is a simple, portable practice of reclaiming the energy of the mind and using it in positive, constructive ways.