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There comes a time in life when we realize that something has to change inside if we want to live a better life. With so many techniques, therapies and healing recipes offered, it's easy for the spiritual seeker to feel overwhelmed. But common sense tells us the solution rests inside, at the seed of the human experience. Simply put, true inner peace is not out there. It comes from a higher state of consciousness. By accessing that source of inner calm and contentment, happiness in outer life naturally blossoms.

We invite you to explore the teachings offered by the Brahma Kumaris, where meditation becomes a portal to the beauty within and a foundation for bringing the best of yourself to your life.

In harmony with the calming effect of the natural beauty that surrounds this city, the Calgary Centre invites you to journey inwards and discover the beauty of the spirit.

Overflowing with good wishes and pure feelings for one and all, the Edmonton Centre offers a treasure store of spiritual wisdom.

ottawa_free OTTAWA
Situated in the nation’s capital city, the Ottawa Centre is a space where souls can get to the heart of self-mastery and inner dignity.

The Halifax Centre is a beacon of light and cooperation in the east, fostering a sense of community and unity.

montreal_love MONTREAL
The warmth of this big-hearted Centre invites souls to explore their own capacity for kindness, compassion and understanding.

Through cultivating a culture where respect rules, the Quebec Centre offers a space in which one can realize their own sense of purpose and value.

As the largest Brahma Kumaris presence in Canada, the Toronto Centre invites souls from all cultures and walks of life to reconnect with their own sense of spirituality.

Visit this west coast Centre to experience waves of peace that will cool the mind and warm the heart.

Canadian Virtual BK Centre

In this vast wonderful country of Canada, if you are interested in meditation and live far from the centres shown above, please click on the HUB icon above or HERE to learn more about online services.