Golden Drops: Invitation

Published On: Jul 2, 2022

Welcome to Golden Drops. Start to imagine a new reality because through our transformation, the world will be transformed. This collective energy can bring things to a critical mass and a better world will come about in a flash. The time has arrived … to listen and see the beautiful world drawing ever closer.

Golden Drops – engaging hearts and minds to shine light on beauty and consciously create a beautiful world. This initiative aims to emerge feelings and visions of the beauty of humanity and the planet we are living on. People are invited to catch beauty in their own personal surroundings and share it as Golden Drops through social media, in the form of short videos, photos, poems, words, quotes, etc. When these Golden Drops shower the world, feelings of hope are generated. Hope opens the mind to see new possibilities and stimulates a sense of personal influence on the state of the world. These Golden Drops fill the atmosphere with vibrations to bring a beautiful world closer, so in this way we consciously create a beautiful world.

View invitation here.
Instagram: GoldenDrops2022

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