In Search of Spiritual Intelligence

Published On: Apr 3, 2021

Just over one year ago, author and spiritual student Betty Steinhauer launched the book In Search of Spiritual Intelligence. In the book, She asked 39 people of all ages and from all walks of life what they believe spiritual intelligence is and what it means to them, how it is relevant to each of us individually and to the world as a whole in these turbulent times, and, based on their experience, how they each developed spiritual intelligence. Quite a few of those interviewed were students and/or teachers of Raja Yoga within the Brahma Kumaris organization.

Incredible as it may, over a year has now gone by since COVID-19 first gripped our global community. And the impact, repercussions and ripple effects have been huge. Ironically, that little virus and the launch of In Search of Spiritual Intelligence emerged at almost the same time! It turned out to be quite relevant as many found they were motivated and had the time to reflect on the themes the book explores.
Betty has since submitted the book for consideration in the Edinburgh International Book Festival in August. In Search of Spiritual Intelligence is available on Amazon and Kobo.

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